July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic our branch members continue to connect with each other and promote AAUW. We wished to be more current with our gatherings to meet members needs and be relevant with AAUW issues. Our calendar will reflect the dates of planned meetings and gatherings. But generally, plans will be no more than three months in advance. Months listed with a subject matter will be to remind us of the intent for that particular month. Details for listed events will be via the Itanyan or emails.

July 2021
Summer break
Branch volunteers continue working closing the past year and preparing for the new year. 

August 2021
31 – Tuesday,1:00 board meeting date change. The meeting will take place at Linda’s. The meeting was scheduled in the June business meeting minutes at an earlier date in August. The current board is comprised of administrator, Janet B and Financial Officer, Linda. All branch members are invited to attend. Contact a board member at least 5 days prior to the meeting if you plan to attend

September 2021
01 – Articles for September Itanyan due to Doris, Communications Liaison
09 –
Estimated publication date of September Itanyan being emailed to members
14 – Tuesday, 1:00 PM business meeting taking place in Leah Marie’s back yard or screened porch. Linda is providing treats. As a courtesy let Leah Marie know of you planned attendance. Topics will include making plans for Gatherings in October, November, December, the next business meeting in January, and catching up with each other.

October 2021
12 – Tuesday, 1:00 PM Gathering Leah Marie volunteered to have our group start at her home. We will take a casual walk along Lake Avenue going as far as members feel up to walking. We may take a turn and head down 4th Street ending with a visit at the area’s iconic Cup ‘N Cone. Should the weather be forecast preventing outside activity, the alternative is Gathering at Linda’s. Watch for emails giving updates as the event gets closer. (Thank you, Linda, for hosting the alternative Gathering at your home.)

November 2021
09 – Tuesday, 1:00 PM Gathering we will be at Waverly Gardens in North Oaks. Janet B has volunteered to facilitate a discussion of the topic, “What are you Grateful for?” Jan F has volunteered to provide treats for the Gathering.

December 2021
07 – Tuesday, 1:30 PM board meeting at Janet B’s. All branch members are invited to attend. Contact a board member at least 5 days prior to the meeting if you plan to attend. 
14 – Tuesday, 1:00 PM Gathering is a Holiday Luncheon set up by Christine for us at Rudy’s Redeye Grill, White Bear Lake. To attend contact Christine before December 10th with your RSVP.  

January 2022
18 – Branch business meeting via Zoom being set up by Doris. Topics will include making plans for Gatherings in February and March, and the Annual meeting April 12, 2022.

February 2022
8 – Tuesday, 1:30 PM Gathering on Zoom Linda will be our moderator. The discussion will center on our dreams, “If you could go anywhere, do anything, … what is on your personal wish list?”

March 2022
8 – Tuesday, 1:15 Gathering at The Brickhouse Food & Drink, upper deck igloos, 4746 Washington Square, White Bear Lake. Igloos hold 6 people each. Two have been tentatively reserved for our group. Jan F needs an RSVP of your planned attendance by Friday, noon, March 4 to make adjustments in the reservation. 
28 – Monday, 1:30 PM board meeting at Janet’s. All branch members are invited to attend. Contact Janet by March 27th, the Sunday prior to the meeting if you are attending. 

April 2022
12 – Tuesday, 1:30 PM Branch Annual meeting, taking place at Janet’s. This crucial meeting is where members volunteer themselves for the roles of Administrator, Financial Officer, Record Keeper, and Communications Liaison for the next fiscal year. Members present ratify the slate of volunteers which shows their support.

May 2022
Gathering. We target having the event the second Tuesday of the month, but we remain flexible on the date and time until an event or topic are selected. As of this posting volunteer has not come forward to facilitate a gathering.

June 2022
21 – Tuesday, (3rd Tuesday of the month), 1:30 PM business meeting for year end. This is our 4th and final business meeting of the year. Leah Marie volunteered her backyard for the meeting. Linda volunteered to provide a refreshment.